Upload your design

Send us E-mail or fill out the Order Form, send the artwork with size, material, located, special demand, and your information.

Digitizing your design

Our Sales Department get your design, will pass it to our Digitizing Department, and our experienced digitizer will digitizing it as following your request.

Sew and test your design

Once our digitizer finished your design, the supervisor in our Digitizing Department will check it. Then our Embroidery Department will sew your design on the material you required. After the sew-out sample finished, it will be checked or edited by our Digitizer and Digitizer supervisor again. Return to Embroidery Department for test again if needed.

Send back your design

Our sales Department will scan the sew-out sample and send back to you with the completed digitizing file.

Please contact us if there is any problem. We will provide free edit till it meet you demand. *** Please check you Spam Box if you have not get any response within 24 hours. ***.